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Company name

Kinki Nippon Tourist Kansai Co., Ltd.


September 2012


100 million yen


Wataru Ogawa

Head office

1-7-8, Higashi Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8641

License number

Travel Agency License No. 1944, approved by the Japan Tourism Agency

Principal memberships

Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
United Federation of Travel Agents' Association (UFTAA)
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)

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Inbound business


Our hospitality professionals are sure to cover every angle as they provide a heartfelt welcome to clients visiting from abroad. Whether it be to a hotel or inn, or for a tour, business training or a convention, we welcome all guests to Japan and offer an ideal plan to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Academic lectures and conferences

We take care of everything from arranging lodging and event spaces, to personal assistance for participants of academic conferences to which many foreign visitors attend, such as international conferences and symposiums, etc.


  • * International conferences (foreign/domestic)
  • * Medical and other type conferences (international/domestic)
  • * Forums, symposiums, etc.

Business events, conventions

We provide assistance from planning to operation and office support for business sponsored events, conventions, seminars, and parties, etc.


  • * Awards ceremonies
  • * Anniversary parties
  • *Anniversary related events
  • * Internal training/seminars
  • * Agent conferences
  • * Internal meetings
  • * Symposiums, lectures
  • * New employee induction ceremonies
  • * Sales promotion events, etc

Sports, cultural events/conventions

We provide assistance for events that invite guests from overseas such as sports events, cultural events, concerts, and other regionally promoted events.


  • * Sports competitions
  • * Concert tours
  • * Fan club tours
  • * Local events, etc.
  • * Culture forums
  • * Celebrity fan club tours
  • * World Cup tours
  • * Olympic tours
  • * Track and Field events, etc.

Japan sightseeing promotion (“Visit Japan Campaign”)

In response to the governments call to increase the number of tourists to Japan, we are providing assistance in cooperation with municipalities and businesses nationwide to increase the number of visitors to Japan from abroad.


  • * Enticing tourism in Japan in coordination with the Visit Japan Campaign
  • * Promotions to entice foreign tourists implemented by municipalities and local regions
  • * Sponsoring/implementing Japan tourist exhibitions abroad
  • * Inviting foreign media
  • * Dispatching of people abroad to entice tourism in Japan



  • * Sponsoring of Japan tourist exhibits in China and Shanghai
  • * Tourism sales missions to local municipalities in Europe and the US, etc.

Incentive tours for foreign businesses to Japan

We provide planning/implementation of tours of Japan for those exceptional dealers and employees of Japanese businesses and global companies in the US, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, etc.


  • * Arrangement of invitations to Japan
  • * Planning of in-country schedules
  • * Arrangement of attractive sightseeing spots, restaurants, hotels, inns, etc.
  • * Arrangement of training, anniversary parties, awards ceremonies, etc. in Japan
  • * Arrangement of factory visits, visits to related industries, etc.


  • * Training retreat for local employees of construction equipment manufacturers
  • * Sales conferences for agents of printing equipment manufacturers, etc.

Training in Japan for foreign business people

We make effective training in Japan possible by providing every type of support required of business people and specialists who are undergoing participating in such training.


  • * All arrangements for training in all fields and industries
  • * We contact training participants before they leave their home country, take care of all necessary paperwork and provide support for formalities, etc.


  • * Japan training for fisheries personnel sponsored by national institutes, training for traders, etc.

Support for researchers and exchange students visiting Japan

We provide all the support that researchers and exchange students who are conducting research or studying in Japan need from pre-arrival preparations to reservation-making, information gathering, and pick-ups, etc. during your stay.


  • * Flight reservations/ticketing
  • * Reservations and information for lodging/transport for researchers/exchange students
  • * Settling of accounts with hosting institutions/universities
  • * Provision of other needed information


  • * Publicly funded exchange student programs sponsored by the central authorities
  • * Collaborative research efforts implemented by research institutions such as universities

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