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Extended abstract submission

Manuscript for abstract volume should be uploaded on this site in a PDF file.
The deadline for "Extended Abstract Submission" is September 18, 2015. If a manuscript is not received by the deadline, the presentation would be cancelled. For your convenience, we strongly recommend you to use a properly formatted MS-Word template that you can download.

Manuscripu Template

The detailed information on the proper format of the document is as follows:

Total number of page:
1 (including tables, graphs and pictures)
Paper Size:
A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Top, bottom, and sides: 18 mm each
Arial 12pt, bold, centered
Times New Roman 10pt, centered below the title(underline presenting author)
Times New Roman 10pt, italic, centered below the Author(s) including the postal address and E-mail address
Main text:
Times New Roman 9pt, justified, single-spaced
Extended Abstract Submission



*When submitting your manuscript, please name the file (PDF format) with your abstract number, which you will receive at the end of August. (e.g. If your abstract number is 1A01, then name the file as1A01.pdf)


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